(May 25, 1990-April 18, 1997)[]

Nicknames: "CGI Globe", "'90s Globe", "75 Years of Universal", "Happy Birthday, Universal"

Logo: A large "flash" appears as we view the far right side of the Universal globe, still cloudless and against the new detailed starfield background. We move down the globe as the flash dims away and see, in golden letters, the word "UNIVERSAL", in a brand new font (named Copperplate Gothic Bold), appears from behind the globe and circling it. We zoom out and the globe moves to center, as the word "UNIVERSAL" straightens itself out and takes its place across the globe. The byline "AN MCA COMPANY", in gold and in spaced-out letters to fit the width of "UNIVERSAL", appears below the logo.

Variant: For the logo's first year of use, there is a montage, which ends with the previous logo. After that, the animation starts normally. After the MCA byline fades in, "90" writes, "th" appears in a flash and "ANNIVERSARY" fades in.

FX/SFX: The rotating globe and letters (which, contrary to popular assumption, are not CGI, but models filmed with motion control). The 75th Anniversary variant was done by Studio Productions (now known as Flip Your Lid Animation). Either way, it's a very well made logo.


  • May 25, 1990-April 26, 1991: A French horn fanfare was played during the clips of the old logos during the 75th Anniversary logo which segues into the normal theme; a sped-up version of this was later used as the 1991 UTV theme.
  • May 24, 1991-April 18, 1997: A majestic orchestral fanfare composed by the late James Horner.
  • Other times, it would be silent.

Availability: Common. The 90th anniversary variant is preserved on most 1990 to 1991 films, such as Back to the Future Part III. The standard version is preserved on most 1991 to 1997 films, such as Backdraft and Jurassic Park.

Scare Factor: None.