(January 21, 2005-April 26, 2013)[]

Nicknames: "CGI Lions' Gates", "'2000s Lions' Gates", "Lionsgate Horror"

Logo: We fade in close to several gears and zoom out to a view of them rotating in a large Art Deco-inspired chamber. The camera then zooms all the way back and out through a keyhole, revealing an enormous pair of doors, with the company's "lion rampant" logo on both of them (intended to evoke its heraldry-inspired appearance) and a geometric pattern as well. The doors open and we see the name "LIONSGATE", now written as one word and with a metallic texture, over a heavenly sky background with clouds surrounding it.

Variant: On horror and action films, there are rusted gears and a red sky.

FX/SFX: The animation of the gears and doors. Very nice CGI.


  • Standard Variant: A majestic fanfare (which takes cues from Danny Elfman's Batman theme) for the standard version.
  • Horror Variant: The horror version has the sounds of the gears cranking and door creaking, alongside sounds resembling a heartbeat and moaning.
  • Short Variant: The short version uses mechanical noises.
  • In rare cases, both versions would be silent or the opening theme would be used.

Availability: Common, but no longer current. This logo is preserved on most 2005 to 2013 films, such as Madea's Family Reunion and The Big Wedding.

Scare Factor: Low for the standard variant. Low to high for the horror variant.