Istanbul sokaklarinda 1931 Turkish-Greek-Egypt Musical-Drama-Romance film Starring: Talat Artemel, Semiha Berksoy, Behzat Butak, Aziza Amir, I. Galip Arcan, Periklis Gavrilidis, Lilian Gris, Hazim Körmükçü, Bedia Muvahhit, Nisanyan, Directed: Muhsin Ertugrul, Ishan Ipekçi



Brothers are in love with the same woman who earns her life by singing songs at night clubs and by sponging on her lovers. One of these brothers (Rahmi) works at a bank. Rahmi spends the money of bank with this singer woman and sooner or later bank authorities find out his malfeasance which brings about a debt on the family of Rahmit; other brother bursts a blood vessel about actions of Rahmi and they face off against each other at nightclub. (??? Mins)



Talat Artemel as

Semiha Berksoy as

Behzat Butak as

Aziza Amir as

I. Galip Arcan as

Periklis Gavrilidis as

Lilian Gris as

Hazim Körmükçü as

Bedia Muvahhit as

Nisanyan as



Production Company: Ipek Film

Talat Artemel

Semiha Berksoy

Behzat Butak

Aziza Amir

I. Galip Arcan

Periklis Gavrilidis

Lilian Gris

Hazim Körmükçü

Bedia Muvahhit


La quatrième dimension - deuxième partie