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Kill Security Light To Enter The House Hints01. Press Scope 02. Press Code 03. Press Cut Wire 04. Enter The Batrhoom 05. Press Use To Toliet 06. Exit The Batrhoom 07. Setting The Alarm Clock 23: 00 08. THE End


This Is Door

Enter to the house

Mission List

Enter the house

My house



Hi My Name Is Nick Johansson

Where Am Im

Little Washington Dawn City

1988 July 19. 11pm

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Following his lastmost succesful mission A meber of the

Third Echelon has been out celebrating with his mates.

Despite a 11pm curfew imposed

returned home very late, having forgotten by by his girlfriend he has

gain entrace to his flat and get into bed without upsettings his

light sleeping girlfriend

He must again use his skills and gadgets to complete this final

task of the evening making the least possible noise and keeping

the stealth meter and his health bar from reaching critia:

resulting with him sleeping on the sofa - or worse...