Dandan-e-mar English (Snake's Fang) 1990 Iranian Drama-War film Cast: Faramarz Sadighi, Golchehre Sajadieh, Ahmad Najafi, Hassan Rafi'i, Jalal Moghadam, Nosratallah Karimi, Mohammad Abdollahi, Abbas Ghajar, Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo, Shaded Ahmadloo, Reza Khandan, Nersi Korkia, Fariba Kowsari, Hossein Memarzade, Saeed Pirdust, Director: Masud Kimiai



Reza, the veteran worker of a print house whose sight is adversely affected because of his job, loses his mother. Finding the gloom reigning over the home beyond bearing, he departs to overcome his sorrows. He ends up at a hostel where he shares his room with a southern guy called Ahmad who has a group of orphan war-stricken children under his wing. After the initial inkling gives way to the friendship, Reza discovers that Ahmad's patron plies his trade in black-market. At the same time, Reza's sister is constantly beaten and humiliated by her husband for being infertile... (110 min)



Faramatz Sadighi as Reza

Golchehre Sajadieh as Siwar

Ahmad Najafi as Ahmad

Hassan Rafi'i as

Jalal Moghadam as Djalal

Nosratallah Karimi as

Abbas Ghajar as

Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo as

Shaded Ahmadloo as Eyni

Faramatz Sadighi

Golchehre Sajadieh

Ahmad Najafi

Hassan Rafi'i

Jalal Moghadam

Nosratallah Karimi

Mohammad Vali Ahmadloo

Shaded Ahmadloo

Reza Khandan

Nersi Korkia


5 Little Elsa Jumping On The Bed - Nursery Rhymes for Children - 3D Animation

Fariba Kowsari

Hossein Memarzade


Sphere Inside Out

Saeed Pirdust

Reza Khandan as Taghi

Nersi Korkia as Abdol

Fariba Kowsari as Fatemeh

Hossein Memarzade as (voice)

Saeed Pirdust as Jamal


Prodcution Company: Kadr Film