<ideasman_42>	ZanQdo, its a shame we dont have BMesh in yet, I really cant get motivated to do much with editmesh  :/
<ZanQdo>	ideasman_42: yes, such a shame
<Briggs>	sstop
<Briggs>	the new API is VERY close
* wall[e]	giggles.
<Briggs>	and I did a lot of work on it recently
<Briggs>	it should be simple enough for anyone to use and port tools...
<ZanQdo>	ideasman_42: do you hear something?
<Briggs>	I have more vacation/holiday time coming up to devote to it too :P
<Briggs>	now I have the operator stack working too I think.. have to test it
<Briggs>	that was the 'last thing'
<ideasman_42>	ZanQdo, his fingers are typing but all I hear is excuses
|<--	colyte_ has left (Read error: 60 (Operation timed out))
<Briggs>	so by christmas I think
<Briggs>	haha
<Briggs>	anyone is of course free to... you know... HELP....
<Briggs>	:)
<Briggs>	I have tuesday off too...
<ideasman_42>	Briggs, does your work include editmesh replacement stuff? - or is it only api stuff
<Briggs>	ideasman_42: well, I already ported things like extrude/ect to bmesh in bmesh branch... but that was 'old api'... that stuff will be easy to port to new API though
<Briggs>	extrude/remove doubles/ect
<Briggs>	ideasman_42: the API is quite extensive though and encompasses a lot of things/ideas from editmesh already though
<Briggs>	porting tools should be easy.
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